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We are the best source to go to for your claims.


Patricia Knight - Claims Manager : (631) 680 3705


Personal Insurance Contacts                                 Commercial Insurance Contacts

Tanya Sanabria – (347) 231 6263                                Wendy Collins - (516) 754 4560

Ellen Van Houten - (516) 761 0279                              Maria Schriefer - (516) 662 7323

                                      Richelle Nelson - (516) 652 2155

                                                                                           Aydan Guvenc - (516) 445 7453



Steve Sharp - (516) 220 3475                                 Bob Friedman - (516) 297 0068


·   In the event you are affected by the storm, Friedman & Friedman Agency is ready to assist you. We are closely monitoring the storm and are committed to quickly responding to any claims that may develop. We strongly urge you to contact us first.

·  Water and wind claims can be complicated, so contact us first rather than contacting the insurance company directly.  The way in which first reports are presented to insurers can sometimes make a significant impact on settlement.


· To lessen any potential loss we suggest that all outdoor unsecured items are brought inside wherever possible and/or secured.  This will help prevent damage or injury from flying objects.  Make sure you have ample food, water and batteries should the storm last more than a day or so.  Also fill up your vehicles and gas cans and bring your vehicles off the street to higher ground if possible.